Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Year of Blogging Sporadically

When I named this blog, it did not occur to me that it would attract so many visits from people searching for information on the history of catapults, or the inventor of the catapult, or plans for building one’s own backyard catapult, or the use of catapults in siege warfare. I know my posts, empty as they are of any catapult-related information, must have seemed like an infuriating case of false advertising to anyone interested in ancient heavy weaponry.

This seems like a good time for me to apologize for this and any other oversights, because this is going to be my last post for a long while. In the year or so since I launched this blog, I have never qualified as very prolific. But lately, my posts have been coming less and less frequently and it’s getting harder and harder to find the time and energy to spend here. So it’s time for a long break.

I usually think of New Year’s Day as a time for breaking bad habits, but in this case I’m breaking what has been, on the whole, a very good, if slightly exhausting, habit. I’ve learned an awful lot working on this blog. Writing about the everyday business of work and family seemed self-indulgent to me at times, but this blog gave me license to observe and comment on my own world in ways that I never would have otherwise. That was valuable and instructive for me, if for no one else. To all of you who have visited regularly: Thanks for your interest, thanks for your encouragement, and thanks for taking the time to leave comments.

And if I ever find out how to build a backyard catapult, I will come back and share the information.