Friday, February 2, 2007


My tour of depressing wireless hot spots continued this morning, with a stop at a local Holiday Inn lobby. No matter how many times I am disappointed, I still expect hotel lobbies to be glamorous places filled with attractive people on their way to do important things. This fallacy must be based on repeat viewings of “North by Northwest,” in which Cary Grant tracks Eva Marie Saint through the lobby of the Ambassador East.

Sadly, neither of them showed up at the Holiday Inn this morning.

There was, however, a couple having a fight over the young man’s failure to help the young woman with her luggage. Accused of laziness and a lack of consideration, he fired back by calling her “a dumbass.”

Clearly, sir, you are a man of wit.

Oh, and the coffee was bad, too. Tomorrow, I may try the Greyhound station.


  1. You could always try the train station. That at least has a little Hitchcockian glamour. Although maybe no heat.

  2. No heat, and indeed, no tables and chairs. No, I hardly think the train station will do.